The Bowtie Project

The Bowtie Project is a partnership between Clockshop and California State Parks to activate an 18-acre post-industrial lot along the LA River. Since 2014, Clockshop has executed over 100 artist projects, performances, and events at the Bowtie.

In 2020-2021 Clockshop will lead the Outreach and Engagement efforts around conceptual design for the future state park. We will be building on the work of the last 6 years to gather community members around the future of this piece of land. This includes the development of a Bowtie Youth Council, where a group of young people will engage their peers on design and development of the park to come.

Artworks commissioned for the Bowtie expand notions of art in public space, and what it can accomplish. These works are guided by an interest in interpreting an urban space that is on the cusp of change, pushing audiences to reflect on the land itself and what it might become. Each new project also demonstrably nurtures careers by bringing opportunity, financial support, and exposure to artists who are making significant work. 

Our Education Program, including Bowtie Storytellers and Writing in Nature, uses the Bowtie as an outdoor classroom. These programs encourage student-driven site exploration, discussion-based processing, and creative response.

Other public programs, including Bowtie Field Day and Reading By Moonrise, invite Angelenos of all ages to gather at the Bowtie and experience cultural programming along a traditional campfire and under the stars.

*The Bowtie has minimal amenities for visitors. We encourage you to read our FAQ before visiting. The parcel is largely covered in asphalt, and visitors are encouraged to stay on the paved access road when visiting the site. There is no drinkable water, no seating, and very little shade. The site is approximately 3/4 mile from end-to-end and includes two direct river access spots. Please be extremely cautious when visiting the Bowtie after rainfall. During Clockshop events, the gate is open and parking is available on site.