Tyler Burke and Abigail Sims

Tyler and Abigail

Tyler and Abigail had both been to LA State Historic Park for prior music festivals and happened to see a kite filled sky and decided to stop. “What I really liked about this park is how it feels both very close to the city and removed from it at the same time. You feel like you’re in this oasis, but you have this incredible view of the city skyline right behind you. That coupled with all the hills and the park and the bridges, it just makes for some really cinematic views. Every time you go to a park, especially one like this, it’s such an eclectic mix of people. You really get to see so many different lives and characters that sort of exist in the city that you wouldn’t necessarily see in your normal everyday life. It really feels like such a luxury that we have so many parks in Los Angeles. We can always use more. ” Tyler said. 

Abigail agreed and began to share her gratitude for parks across LA. “LA is so spread out, every part of it feels so different. It feels great to be able to have parks all over the city, places that you don’t have to pay to access. I didn’t really hang out at parks much before the pandemic. During it, parks provided a safe space to meet up. Our draw to parks has continued – we’re still spending weekends at the park, or celebrating birthday parties at the park. Many parks are always hosting a variety of programs. The more community stuff that you can do and just meeting people who live around you, [it] just makes you feel grounded and like you belong somewhere.