Grecia Lopez (age 17), Daniela Ruiz, Delia Casillas, Kimberly Mejia, Lesly Fuentes (age 17) at the park to take prom photos

Prom (1/2)

Prior to heading to their Prom, Jonathan, Daniela, Delia, Lesly, Grecia, Bradly, and Kimberly stopped at LA State Historic Park to document this exciting time in their lives. With the green landscape and Downtown LA in the distance they agreed that it would be the perfect backdrop for their photos. The park itself was home to important memories for each of them. Moments with their families; eating hot dogs; their parents teaching them how to fly a kite; riding bicycles with their brother; or simply spending time walking together. Delia had never been to the park before, so their first memory would be this beautiful moment in their life – prom portraits with friends as kites filled the sky above them.