Owen and Alexa

“Parks are central to who we are and how we see our city,” says Owen, a lifelong resident of Los Angeles. He asks, “What is a city but the space outside your home? If you don’t have a yard, parks allow you to have one. They provide a space to hang out in nature.” While many people search for solitude outdoors, Owen sees the benefits of combining nature and community. “LA has every type of person and each person adds to my experience of nature in a public park.” Picnicking alongside him was Alexa, a fairly new resident to LA who agreed with his statements. “Parks are a true community space for everyone. After spending time at a park, one always leaves feeling better. Natural spaces are a great place for reflection. So whether you’ve had a stressful day at work or you need a moment to yourself, parks offer you a neutral space to just be.”

As an avid cyclist Owen points out the perks to LA State Historic Park’s accessibility, “its location allows me to ride off the LA River bike path and hop over the bridge to arrive. This makes it easy to meet friends for a picnic, concert, or movie. My favorite memory here is from last year’s kite festival. Seeing an ocean of kites above me, as the music from trombones filled the park, put me in a blissful state. It is a moment I’ll never forget.”