Ashley and Matt

Ashley remembers LA State Historic Park when it was a dirt lot. During that time the space held events such as cyclo-cross competitions. “When I found out the park was being built I was initially bummed because it meant those events would go away. Now I’m really happy it is a park because it is an awesome use of this space.”

“When the park was first built it was really ugly from its lack of greenery,” says Matt, “when we came here a year ago we realized how beautiful the park had become since the foliage matured.”

“Public parks give everybody an opportunity to have access to unimpeded space, both physically, emotionally, spiritually and sonically. For LA, parks get us closer to some sort of equity. We hope the gondola isn’t built over the park. The gondola would take away the sky from those using the park. It would make it impossible to have an event like this. It violently slices through a space that is currently characterized by and celebrated for its openness and privatizes the sky.”