Jimmy is a kite enthusiast

Jimmy with his Granddaughter

Jimmy is a kite enthusiast who often attends kite festivals and contests where he flies his handmade kites. “It’s not about going out there to win, it’s just going out there for the festivities, just to enjoy flying your own kite, you know?” Jimmy grew up in Belize and has been making kites his whole life. “Making kites is just something we do. It’s just part of our culture — playing marbles, flying kites, playing tops, you know, different outdoor activities,” he said.

“When the pandemic started and everything was shut down, I just got stuck at home and kites and fishing were part of my passion. I couldn’t go fishing, so I started making kites and flying them with my fishing pole. In a sense I was getting to do both of my passions. It just continued and kind of got carried away over the last 24 months. I’ve ended up with so many kites that I come out to the parks with my grandkids, my nieces and nephews and fly them together. They all just enjoy the party.”