Edith Alexander


Edith was visiting California from her rural town in New Jersey. “We have lots of parks in New Jersey with space for the animals, and laws to protect them. We are supposed to protect the land; we’re supposed to take care of the land for other generations,” she said.

For her 80th birthday she celebrated with family by flying kites at a New Jersey beach shore. “Something happens to you when the wind takes the kite up, your spirit just sort of goes right along with it. When I fly my kite, I just feel like I’m there with the kite. It’s a freedom and a joy.”

She visited the Kite Festival for the opportunity to experience those feelings in California. “When I’m at a park I feel that I’m at home. I think that everybody should have that freedom and have that feeling, that this is my property. You know, I have fun but I also have to take care of the park. I can’t just throw trash on the ground. It’s part of our responsibility to take care of the land, too, and to have it be available for our children’s children’s children.”