South of Fletcher: Stories from the Bowtie

South of Fletcher: Stories from the Bowtie, Fonografia Collective, 2018
Photo: Bear Guerra

South of Fletcher: Stories from the Bowtie explores the past, present and potential of the Bowtie Parcel.

Once one of Southern California’s most important rail yards, this site will soon become the next urban California State Park, joining a patchwork of other river-adjacent green spaces that are shaping the course of LA River revitalization. Through personal interviews with people who have worked, lived and otherwise made their marks at this post-industrial site, Fonografia Collective explores some of LA’s biggest challenges, and speculates about what change at this site might mean for the rest of the city.

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Written and co-produced by Ruxandra Guidi
Edited by Ibby Caputo
Music by Luis Guerra

Podcast Episodes


South of Fletcher:
Stories from the Bowtie

August 8, 2018

2 minutes

Follow along as we explore the rhythms of this unique site on the brink of major change. New episodes will be posted bi-weekly, starting in early September.

Episode 1

Taylor Yard

September 10, 2018

19 minutes

Back in the '70s, the Bowtie Parcel was a bustling rail depot better known as Taylor Yard; a place where Southern Pacific diesel trains came from throughout Southern California for maintenance and repairs. In this episode, Bob Ramírez & Don Tortorice share what it was like to work at the site.