Reading & Listening by Moonrise

Listening by Moonrise: Low Leaf and Salenta + Topu

$5 Suggested Donation

Reading & Listening by Moonrise

Listening by Moonrise: Low Leaf and Salenta + Topu

$5 Suggested Donation



July 21, 2024


LA State Historic Park

1501 N Spring Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012



Clockshop and Living Earth co-present Listening by Moonrise at Los Angeles State Historic Park, featuring Salenta + Topu and Low Leaf on Sunday, July 21, 2024, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Salenta + Topu are collaborators and friends whose improvisatory compositions act like a document, a memory, sensitized by the depth of their bond and attunement to the human element of songwriting as ritual. Their album Moon Set, Moon Rise unfolds like a collection of vignettes: the resonant and wavering presence of a cello and keys that feel wistful and contemplative, and, at times, whirling and emergent are encased like amber in the 17 tracks. Low Leaf is the long-running and multivalent project of Angelica-Marie, a multi-instrumentalist and composer who has pushed the boundaries of the experimental and genre-expansionist heart of the Los Angeles music scene since 2011. On Red Moon, released in May 2024 on Leaving Records, harp and flute layer and collide in spiraling helical flurries of melodic movement, ebbing and flowing like breathwork, in bouts of spontaneity and an intuitive, transportive technicality.


Sunday, July 21, 2024
5:00–7:00 PM
Los Angeles State Historic Park
1501 N Spring Street

Salenta + Topu are Los Angeles-based artists who met serendipitously in the summer of 2019 at a mutual friend’s apartment in Bedstuy. They talked about jamming as they left the small gathering; and months later, they reunited for a jam session, first at a friend’s studio using an acoustic recording process, and later at Salenta’s apartment. Salenta played on a spinet piano left untuned for 20 years while Topu tuned his cello down to match the intonation of the piano’s vibration. Together, Topu and Salenta improvised countless compositions, 17 which are included on their debut album, Moon Set, Moon Rise, which was self-released in 2021 and rereleased on vinyl on the Belgian label Futura Resistenza in 2023. 

Low Leaf is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and producer that combines an array of genres, ever-expanding in a spectrum of its own. Exploring sound healing and plant consciousness as a part of her spiritual practice has greatly influenced her approach to music, painting, and more recently film making. In a world of illusion she insists on using her creative gifts as an instrument of truth, love, and liberation. Her ability to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of artistic expression leaves a lasting impact on those who experience her work.

Generous Herbs is an organic apothecary based on Tongva land. We grow and source all of our herbs from local regenerative farms. We believe wellness starts with being generous to our bodies, our communities, and our planet.

Jade Sky Yen Ni is a multi disciplinary practice in installation, performance and sound utilizing soil/plant matter/water. It began as a genealogical study to connect various diasporic texts, mostly food and natural dye recipes.


Los Angeles State Historic Park is located at 1501 N Spring Street, directly adjacent to Chinatown and the Metro A Line. Follow the dirt path around the perimeter of the main lawn of the park to the northeast. Clockshop’s welcome table will be in view once you reach the boardwalk overlooking the wetland area.

There is paid parking at 1501 N Spring Street, the main parking lot of the park, at $2/hour, up to $8 daily. The park will open the dirt overflow parking lot directly in front of the main parking lot which is free and first come, first served.
There is also free street parking around the park. Please avoid parking near residential homes on the east side of Main Street and give yourself plenty of time to park and walk over!

There are several all-gender public restrooms and portapotties on site.

Living Earth is an LA-based all-ages arts project that is collectively owned & stewarded by local musicians and organizers. Through their series of monthly outdoor solar powered performances, Living Earth explores public art as a creative act of restoration and a means of living in right relation with our immediate communities, histories, ecosystems, and planet.