Clockshop is an arts organization in Los Angeles working to expand the dialogue around cultural production, politics and urban space by commissioning new projects by artists and writers and partnering with diverse institutions.

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Radio Imagination

Radio Imagination celebrates the life and work of Pasadena science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler (1947–2006). Organized by Clockshop, this year-long program explores Butler’s archive through commissions of art and literature.


The Bowtie Project

The Bowtie Project is a partnership between Clockshop and California State Parks to activate an 18-acre post-industrial lot along the LA River. Since 2014, Clockshop has executed over 30 artist projects, performances, and events at the Bowtie.


New Podcast on iTunes

Clockshop is launching a podcast in conjunction with Radio Imagination. Subscribe now to hear new episodes available bi-weekly for download and stream.


Current: LA at the Bowtie Project

Mel Chin presents "The Tie That Binds: The Mirror of the Future" for Current: LA at the Bowtie Project.

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