Reading & Listening by Moonrise

Angela Frances Wilson, Pauline Lay, Patrick Shiroishi, and Kathryn Shuman



Reading & Listening by Moonrise

Angela Frances Wilson, Pauline Lay, Patrick Shiroishi, and Kathryn Shuman




June 24, 2021


Los Angeles State Historic Park

1245 N Spring St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012




The fourth installment of our new quarterly event features performances and immersive sound experiences with leading multi-disciplinary sound artists. Listening By Moonrise activates experiences at the park that provide moments of reflection, connection, and joy within the context of a community centered green space. 

Angela Frances Wilson
Pauline Lay
Patrick Shiroishi
Kathryn Shuman

This program has been adapted from Clockshop’s Reading by Moonrise program previously held at the Bowtie.  For Listening By Moonrise, the four artists will be stationed in different locations throughout the park as pop-up musical experiences, and will perform for small groups following physical distancing protocols. When attendees arrive at the Clockshop check-in table they will be given a map of the park and where the performances are located. Music will begin at 6 pm and will end at approximately 7:30 pm. Attendees are welcome to wander the park and listen to music at their own pace, and will not be separated into designated groups.

Eventbrite RSVP – Suggested $10 donation, give what you can. Clockshop runs on the generosity of our donors and funders. Listening by Moonrise is a free music event and opportunity to gather with friends and community. All donations go to supporting the artists we work with, our staff and future programs. Thank you for your generous support. 

If you are planning to attend, please make sure to follow current LA County COVID-19 safety guidelines, including wearing a face mask and observing physical distancing protocol if you are not vaccinated.


Angela Frances Wilson is a Los Angeles born composer, with a practice built at the intersection of healing art, and improvisational music. Using modern digital and analog mediums, she explores liminal sonic space as an expansion of self and reality.

Pauline Lay is an instrumentalist, composer, and events organizer in Los Angeles. Apart from her solo improvised violin and electronics performances, she performs and collaborates with other musicians in varying iterations and genres from duets to larger ensembles.

Patrick Shiroishi is a Japanese-American composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. Embracing experimental collaboration, he explores sounds in both free improvisational and compositional environments to remember Japanese-American history and evoke the love and complexity of family. 

Kathryn Shuman is an experimental vocalist and composer who weaves widely varying vocal, synthesized and everyday life sounds to create spacious sonic environments. Her broad musical interests include microtonal tuning systems, improvisation, medieval chant and the 20th-century avant-garde.