Reading & Listening by Moonrise

Marc Merza with Jake Falby, Anna Luisa Petrisko, and Drum & Lace

$5 suggested donation, no one will be turned away for lack of funds


Reading & Listening by Moonrise

Marc Merza with Jake Falby, Anna Luisa Petrisko, and Drum & Lace

$5 suggested donation, no one will be turned away for lack of funds



October 20, 2021


Los Angeles State Historic Park

1245 N Spring St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Featuring Performances by:

Marc Merza with Jake Falby

Anna Luisa Petrisko

Drum & Lace

Our quarterly Listening By Moonrise program returns to LA State Historic Park, featuring performances and immersive sound experiences with leading multi-disciplinary sound artists. Listening By Moonrise activates experiences at the park that provide moments of reflection, connection, and joy within the context of a community centered green space. 

Drum & Lace is an Italian composer and performer that creates music for film and media.  Melding together sampled field recordings, chamber instruments and lush layers of synths, Drum & Lace creates densely textural and beat-heavy music, greatly drawing from film music, music concrete and modern electronica. Her ambient and chamber work also gathers great inspiration from nature and natural sound, as well as the juxtaposition of unlikely sounds with one another. Her composition work includes music for film/tv, as well as music for dance, theater, fashion and advertising. Her performances often include elements of spatial sound or sound installation, featured at events such as Moogfest 2019 and Quadraphonic at LAPL’s Taper Auditorium with Suzanne Ciani.

Anna Luisa Petrisko makes video art and music that spans from experimental opera to new age pop. Collaborating with many artists, she sees the shared labor as a way to form relationships and cultural communion. Anna Luisa has worked with many artist-run and non-profit organizations in LA including Coaxial Arts Foundation, Femmebit, Dublab, Los Angeles Performance Practice, LACE, SASSAS, Mutant Salon, Human Resources, KNOWLEDGES, Echo Park Film Center, Pilipino Worker’s Center, and the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. She teaches Video and Sound Art at California State University San Marcos.

Marc Merza is a Filipino-American musician, sound designer and artist from Los Angeles, CA. The relation of his sonic work is threaded tightly with his experience of displacement and Asian diaspora- often utilizing tape loops and analog equipment alongside acoustic instruments to express these emotions. He works with numerous collaborators in the practice of recording and performing which signifies his view on the importance of community. Currently, Marc Merza is working on a series of compositions for Kulintang and Sarunay- indigenous metallophones from the Philippines- in hopes of bridging the gap between his musical experience and his culture.

For Listening By Moonrise, the three performances will be stationed in different locations throughout the park as pop-up musical experiences, and will perform for small groups following physical distancing protocols. Unlike past Listening by Moonrise events, this event is not ticketed or guided. When attendees arrive at the Clockshop check-in table they will be given a map of the park and where the performances are located. Music will begin at 5:00 pm and will end at approximately 6:30 pm. Attendees are welcome to wander the park and listen to music at their own pace, and will not be separated into designated groups.

Clockshop is a 501c3 non-profit, and the ticket cost helps fund our staff who produce these events. However, our events are in a public park, fully open to the public, and we will never turn anyone away who cannot pay or who does not have a ticket. 

If you are planning to attend, please make sure to follow current LA County COVID-19 safety guidelines, including wearing a face mask and observing physical distancing protocol. Two hand wash stations are available in the park and there will be extra masks and hand sanitizer available at the Clockshop check-in table.

This program has been adapted from Clockshop’s Reading by Moonrise program previously held at the Bowtie. We have moved to LA State Historic Park in Chinatown as part of our strategic response to state and local health ordinances and how public gatherings can take place during the COVID-19 pandemic.