My name is Hannah and I am a flower farmer. I’ve been in LA since 2014 and I live right up the street from the park. I think it is important that people have access to parks because we need to be in nature. It’s not healthy to be surrounded by cement constantly. It’s essential for our brains to have all of our senses activated, to get the smells and the sights and feelings and everything. I don’t think I could live in LA without going to parks. The first time I lived here I didn’t really spend any time in nature and ended up having to move away for a bit. Now that I’m back I’m making sure that nature is an everyday part of what I do.

I have this childhood memory of going on a road trip up to the Bay Area and coming across a kite festival. I’m happy there is a kite festival in LA, it reminds me of being really carefree, young, and being on vacation.