Andrea and Lou

“My name is Andrea and I have lived in Los Angeles since 1990. For the past twelve years I’ve resided mostly in the historic core area of Downtown LA. I have been extremely grateful for this park, all of the events and activities make it a great cultural open space. I use the park often and regularly join a fitness group on Saturday mornings. I’ve noticed other groups doing art, tai-chi, jogging or calmly walking about its many trails – which brings me great joy to see. I feel it is a very clean and a safe place offering a refreshing spot for most to chill and even watch movies on those hot summer days. It has the most incredible backdrop of the LA skyline and the trains going by make it a very picturesque setting. It’s great to live in a city and have all the elements of city life. It’s also great to have this open space to call our own, with all its vastness, sloping trails, beautiful growing trees and its year round perks. Since the park has been opened it has made living in the city worthwhile.”

“My name is Lou and I have lived in LA all my life. I watched this park grow from a field to an actual historic state park. We live in downtown LA, south of the 101 freeway and the civic center, so we often frequent this park for events and even to exercise. Personally I like the way this park ties in with Elysian Park, a tree lined basin to what appears to be an extension to what’s already here up the hill adjacent. In addition I love that this area is an actual park and not some huge development, this part of the city needs it. I feel this town could use more trees and tons of new open spaces like the one we are sitting in today.”