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Sarah Dougherty & Iris Yirei Hu


Sat, Feb 28, 2015, 3–5 pm

Bowtie Project
2780 W. Casitas Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Sarah Dougherty and Iris Hu will open Rafa Esparza’s revolving installation Con/Safos at the Bowtie Project with new works created specifically for the C/S surface.  C/S or Con/Safos by Rafa Esparza in collaboration with Self Help Graphics & Art is a site-specific sculpture and year long revolving installation at the Bowtie Project. Special thanks to Salvador Avila for providing food.

This installation will run from February 28th – March 31st 2015.

Sarah Dougherty, or Sarita, maps cosmologies to guide the rehabilitation of ethnoecological systems in the city. Her home is the departure point for her practices; installed in-situ to reflect eco-womanism and aesthetic bliss. Soil, color, pattern and light are transferred through paint onto paper or board to document identity in place. She facilitates site-specific pedagogy with Art and Nature and performs as Sarita Doe in e.i.m. set. In 2012 she received her MFA from UCLA and is a 2018 PhD candidate with the Postnational Department of Transcultural Youth. Raised in the South with Bolivian and Cajun roots, she currently lives and works on a mountain in LA.

Iris Yirei Hu is an artist who makes images and texts informed by the turbulent memory of her family’s migratory experiences across the globe. Working in tandem with the fluidity of memory, her work encompasses the continuous, yet fragmented, search for a stable home. She has shown her work in artist-run spaces in Los Angeles, most recently at Commonwealth & Council. She also works with 3rd-12th grade classroom teachers to strengthen their students’ visual literacy and critical thinking skills through contemporary art. With four other artists and writers, she co-founded and edits the art publication baumtest quarterly. She holds a BA in Art from UCLA, and studied at the Mountain School of Arts.

Photo: Matt Rose