An Autumn Afternoon

$150 per ticket, 5 @ $700, 10 @ $1250


An Autumn Afternoon

$150 per ticket, 5 @ $700, 10 @ $1250



November 13, 2021



2806 Clearwater St

Los Angeles, CA

2806 Clearwater Street, Los Angeles, 90039


Please join Clockshop for a fundraiser in our courtyard in support of our work to build capacity for social change and the transformation of public space through arts and culture. 

J. Brix wine tasting

Food by elysian

Music by No Translation

J. Brix Wines – From the site to the soil to the growing season, our wines, if we’re doing our work correctly, will speak in their own voices. We adore the variety California has to offer, which means we find ourselves compelled to make tiny quantities of as many different wines as we can… and, we try to add a new grape or style each harvest. Our fruit comes from a number of vastly different, soul-stirring vineyards all over the state. We use neutral vessels, native-yeast fermentation, and absolutely nothing else, with the exception of sulfur dioxide as necessary. In keeping with this minimalist approach, we choose not to fine, filter or cold-stabilize our wines. Our motto, in winemaking and life: ONLY LOVE.

elysian works with quality, local, seasonal ingredients to make dishes that are clean and flavorful. Chef David Thorne tries his best to utilize produce grown locally, though it may well be grown with non-local water that has been recovered from fracking operations. Meat, fish, and poultry are thoughtfully selected but not always organic, he prefers to cook plants. Many of elysian’s ingredients come through lunatic food systems that are utterly unsustainable.

No Translation is the solo project of Emma Palm, a Southern California based musician and visual artist with Taiwanese roots. Emma’s audio and visual work embraces the beauty of nature and relationships to oneself, others, and our environments. Her music often collages vocals, synths, and field recordings that are inspired by the beauty, melancholy, and ambiguous nature of personal experiences with cultures, locations, communications, relationships, and memories. Her visual art often includes themes of nature and beauty with elements of surreal and abstract imagery.

Please note, this event will be held outdoors in our courtyard, attendance is limited to 80 people. Proof of vaccination is required to attend.