The Bowtie Project

Photo: Nance Klehm

Double Pairing: Spheres of Soil and Sun
Nance Klehm, 2017

Winter–Spring 2017

Double Pairing: Spheres of Soil and Sun is a Bowtie Project residency by ecologist and professional forager Nance Klehm. Following her research “reading” the Bowtie’s distinctive landscape, Klehm’s project will focus on the relationship between two ecological niches: the post-industrial area alongside the LA River, and the islands within it. Klehm is interested in the lack of communication between these sites; although geographically adjacent, they share few characteristics.

The residency will result in a tour, Surface Walk, on February 11, 2017, and the creation of an herbarium that will archive Bowtie ecology. The herbarium will contain plant samples from each of these ecological niches, which Klehm will collect, press, mount on archival sheets, and catalogue. In the tradition of the world’s great herbariums, Klehm’s plant and soil archive of the Bowtie will be accessible to the public when it’s complete. You can hear audio documentation of Surface Walk below.



Surface Walk with Nance Klehm

February 11, 2017 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm