The Bowtie Project

All proceeds go towards future programming at the Bowtie Project.

Bowtie Project Tote

BUY TOTE $20.00

Based on a 1930 blueprint for the historic Taylor Yard, this double-sided tote bag illustrates portions of the Bowtie Project as well as surrounding street names from the Bowtie-adjacent neighborhoods of Atwater Village, Frogtown and Glassell Park. This blueprint is being used with permission from the Orange Empire Railway Museum. Special thanks to Noémie Despland-Lichtert.

Tote bag designed and produced by Clockshop.



Bowtie Project Postcard

BUY POSTCARDS $5.00 for 6 postcards

This postcard multi-pack features images of Clockshop-commissioned work produced at the Bowtie Project. The pack includes six 5”x7” full-color postcards. Photos by Gina Clyne and Dylan Schwartz.

Postcards designed and produced by Clockshop.